Vehicle Does Not Move

If you can’t shift your vehicle into gear, can’t move it at all or if you’re afraid to drive it, call us first and we’ll arrange to have it towed to 2J’s Automotive. Your vehicle may have a wide variety of problems.

The first step in getting your vehicle back on the road is having it towed to 2J’s Automotive where “Your Transmission Physician” will diagnose the problem free of charge. If your transmission needs to be rebuilt, 2J’s will pay your tow bill up to 15 miles.

2J’s Automotive will pinpoint the problem and tell you why your vehicle won’t move. We provide free diagnostics on fluid levels, visually check external connections and run a computer scan for service codes stored in your vehicle.

After we diagnose your vehicle, “Your Transmission Physician” will recommend a course of action that could involve a minor adjustment or an inspection of your transmission’s internal components.

Whatever the problem, you can rely on 2J’s Automotive to give you an honest, straightforward explanation of the transmission problem.

8 responses to “Vehicle Does Not Move”

  1. that’s a awesome read. I definitly will be sure to frequently check Vehicle Does Not Move | 2J's Automotive Transmission Repair & Service for new articles!

  2. shirley somerfield says:

    Hi change my engine and gearbox in my automatic 1.2 corsa on a w reg 2000 the engine is running and it wont move it wont select the gear have you any idea of what the problom could be thanx shirley

  3. debra says:

    I have a 99 Pontiac that will only go in second gear. It is automatic with 128,000.00 miles. Does this mean my transmission needs to be rebuilt

    • admin says:

      Either that or the computer is not commanding the shifts or another electrical problem. More likely a rebuild is needed.

  4. Lacresia Chaney says:

    I have a 2003 Ford Taurus I’ve had no problems what so ever out if it….. Well I went to the store and on my way home I’d stopped at the stop sign, well i pulled off from stop sign and as soon as it got pulled off good it’s like it went in to neutral so i pulled off side of road and put it up in in park, then back in drive it was like it was stuck in neutral, i tried reverse, i tried putting it down in first manually, no gear works, it’s like it’s stuck in neutral…. Engine Runs perfect…. When I checked the transmission fluid it seemed a Lol over full to me and i could swear it looks like burnt motor oil, i really think its motor oil….. Some how…… Please help! I’ve been trying to figure it out…… Could it be a sensor? Or what do you think would be a good possibilty?

    • admin says:

      With the burnt trans fluid it appears that something internal has gone bad the the transmission is getting hot. It appears you will need to rebuild your transmission.

  5. admin says:

    More than likely something is coming apart in the transmission. If the filter is clogged it would move after it sets for a little while and then stop again.

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