Check Engine Light

Computer systems in modern cars monitor every system in you vehicle. If your vehicle’s computer detects a problem, your “Check Engine” light will light up.

If you see a “Check Engine” light, it’s important to get your vehicle checked as soon as possible. Your “Check Engine” light might not indicate a problem with just your engine. The warning could involve a problem with your transmission, exhaust or fuel system.

When your vehicle’s computer detects a problem, the “Check Engine” light comes on and a code is recorded that can be retrieved and interpreted by one of our highly qualified technicians.

Your vehicle’s internal computer can also trigger your car to operate at a limited capacity when it recognizes certain problems. When your car operates at limited capacity, it could cause you to burn more fuel or your transmission to shift incorrectly.

Bring your car to 2J’s Automotive today, and let us perform a free diagnostic on your car.

4 responses to “Check Engine Light”

  1. Remy Ertel says:

    My car 2005 kia sportage Lx when putting gear to drive not working when shift it ti reverse it makes cluck noise it work on reverse. Any suggestion?

  2. Le says:

    My car has given no indication of transmission problems. I drove into driveway, put in reverse and immediately got a whining sound and it wouldn’t budge, the gears move when looking under the hood, but it will not go into any gear now. Fluid is full and clean, what could it be??????

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