Transfer Cases & Axles

Transfer Case Service and Repairs at 2J’s Automotive

The skilled ASE Certified mechanics at 2J’s are the ones to turn to when you think you may need to service or repair your vehicle’s transfer case.

2J’s Automotive does free initial diagnostic service, regardless of where you take your car to be repaired.

Only in cases where more extensive electrical or other mechanical diagnostics are needed, will you pay anything at 2J’s.

Transfer Case Explained

The transfer case takes power from the transmission and splits it between output shafts that connect to the front and rear driveshafts. The transfer case is what makes all wheel drive work.

Transfer cases are either gear driven or chain driven. Most of the transfer cases made today are chain driven because these cases are quieter and lighter.

Transfer Case Maintenance

The transfer case is always working, whether you use the four wheel drive on your vehicle or not. Your transfer case fluid level should be checked every time that you get an oil change.

In the old days, transfer cases were filled with gear oil or automatic transmission fluid (ATF), but some modern transfer cases take specialty lubricants.

If a shade tree mechanic puts in the wrong one, you’ll find yourself buying a new transfer case. Let the trained techs at 2J’s help you check and properly maintain this vital system in your car, truck or SUV.

Auto Repair Professionals in Saginaw Texas

Whether your check engine light, service 4-wheel drive, or service all wheel drive light is on, or you are getting a popping noise when you accelerate, don’t wait. The sooner you address a potential transfer case problem, the more likely that it can be repaired inexpensively.

Let the auto repair experts at 2J’s do a free initial diagnosis and help you get back on the road.

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