Driveline and Clutches

2J’s Automotive is “Your Transmission Physician” but we can also service the entire driveline of your car or truck. We can repair or rebuild the front and rear differential of your automobile.

Front wheel drive vehicles have differentials built in with the transmission, while rear wheel drive vehicles have a rear differential or rear end and four wheel drive cars and trucks have both front and rear differentials that are completely independent of the transmission.

Over time, internal parts can wear down or break, causing noise and other problems. This noise can sound as though it’s coming from your transmission but will be isolated to the differential. Differentials also have several seals that can leak, and, if not repaired quickly, can cause internal damage.

There are many other interrelated parts that can need attention. Drive shafts or drive axles are attached to the differentials. Front wheel drive automobiles utilize CV axles that insert directly into the transmission and generate movement of the front wheels. Many times, the boots that hold grease for the joint will tear and leak grease—causing further damage to the axle joint. 2J’s Automotive can repair torn boots and even rebuild axles, if needed.

Rear wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicles use drive shafts or propeller shafts to drive front and rear wheels. Drive shafts use U-joints that can become stiff, causing the drive shaft to work improperly. If the problem is not repaired or the parts replaced, severe damage to the transmission differential can occur, or the drive shaft could fall out causing much more damage. Come to 2J’s Automotive today and let an expert check the integrity of your U-joints and make recommendations as to what, if any, service is needed.

Along with differentials, 2J’s Automotive can service and repair your driveline including axle replacement and rebuilding, CV joints and boots, axle bearings, drive shafts, U-joints and much more. Come to 2J’s Automotive for all of your driveline needs.

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