Coolant Flushing and Repair

Over time, deposits collect in your vehicle’s radiator and coolant system’s passages. These deposits often go unnoticed.  Eventually, they can cause your car’s cooling system to fail, and your engine to overheat.

Most automakers recommend flushing your vehicle’s coolant system every two years or 30,000 miles. It costs between $89.95 and $129.95 to have your vehicle’s cooling system flushed at 2J’s Automotive shop in Saginaw.

Getting it done protects you from being stranded and from the repair bill that driving with an overheated engine can cause. A blown cylinder head gasket easily can cost over $2,000 to repair, so the coolant system flush is smart preventative maintenance.

2J’s Automotive Coolant Flush

Our Coolant System Flush includes:

  • Inspection of your radiator and coolant system
  • Pressure testing of your coolant system for any leaks
  • Flushing your system to remove any debris
  • Refilling your coolant system with the proper mix of anti-freeze and water

Don’t wait. Call our ASE-certified technicians at 817.232.9866 and let them perform this service for you today.

Coolant System Repair

Flushing your car’s coolant system will go a long way toward preventing more costly repairs, but there is more to maintaining your car’s coolant system.

Whether you need a tow to our shop and free initial diagnostic on an overheated car that or just need a belt, hose, or water pump replaced, Call 2J’s at 817.232.9866.

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