Erratic Shifting

Troubleshooting Your Vehicle

Years ago, evaluating a vehicle with an erratic shift was a simple process. Today’s transmissions are much more complex and require a qualified transmission professional to correctly diagnose problems. 2J’s Automotive will diagnosis your transmission free of charge.
Often, a transmission is rebuilt simply because it demonstrates erratic shifting—even though the problem is actually something minor… Read More

A transmission that is slipping can make it seem as though your engine is racing, even though the problem is a slipping transmission lagging behind. This is a common problem, but it’s difficult to diagnose due to the number of factors that can cause a transmission to act this way. Low fluid, poor vacuum and a… Read More

If you can’t shift your vehicle into gear, can’t move it at all or if you’re afraid to drive it, call us first and we’ll arrange to have it towed to 2J’s Automotive. Your vehicle may have a wide variety of problems.
The first step in getting your vehicle back on the road is having it… Read More

Transmission fluid is extremely important. It transmits power, exchanges heat and helps keep your transmission properly lubricated. If your transmission has a leak, severe damage could occur. It is vital to bring your car to 2J’s Automotive as soon as you detect a transmission leak to prevent further damage to your transmission.
One of our qualified… Read More

Computer systems in modern cars monitor every system in you vehicle. If your vehicle’s computer detects a problem, your “Check Engine” light will light up.
If you see a “Check Engine” light, it’s important to get your vehicle checked as soon as possible. Your “Check Engine” light might not indicate a problem with just your engine…. Read More

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