Is Your Car’s Clutch Going Bad?

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When it comes to problems with your car, the clutch is not one you want to put off. Much like your brakes, the clutch is a vital part in getting you and your car from point A to point B. Unfortunately the problem can range from a minor repair to something incredibly detailed and expensive.
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There tends to be a lot of confusion and misunderstanding when it comes to the ‘Check Engine’ light coming on. Many drivers don’t pay much attention to it because a lot of times the problem isn’t very noticeable so they continue driving and don’t think that they should service their vehicle soon.
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Constant velocity joints, or CV  joints can be found in several vehicles out on the road these days. Although several makes and models are going back to the rear-wheel drive on some of their newer cars a lot of the vehicles out there have front-wheel drive and every one of those cars has four CV… Read More

Your car brakes are essentially lifeline. They keep you safe by preventing your car from running into anything and everything on and off the road. The moment you start to suspect something may be wrong with your brakes is the moment you should pay more attention to how your brakes are acting.
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Transmission issues should not be taken lightly. It consists of several moving pieces performing complex functions to keep your car moving on the road. As soon as you notice something is wrong with your car’s performance then you should make time to get it looked at as soon as possible.
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If you drive a vehicle that has all-wheel or four-wheel drive capabilities then you may already be familiar with the term “transfer case.” It is connected to the car’s transmission as well as the front and rear axles by separate driveshafts.
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At some point most of us has probably taken our vehicle’s air conditioning for granted. It works and we expect it to work and that is usually the end of it. Most people don’t pay attention to the functionality of it all until something goes noticeably wrong.
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There is no doubt the automobile transmission is one of the most complex pieces of machinery out there and it also happens to be an integral part of your vehicle. They are much more complicated than what they were in the past because they now have several hundred individual components that serve important and specific… Read More

Any kind of problem that may come up with your car should be addressed as soon as possible. Like anything else if you know what to look for you can save yourself a lot of time and stress. 4×4 transfer cases usually don’t come standard with most makes and models so knowing what to look… Read More

Understanding that problems can occur in your car’s coolant system is one thing. Understanding what the problem is and how it happened is an entirely different story. A faulty coolant system can eventually cause your vehicle’s engine to overheat and that can quickly escalate and cause a number of different issues to come up.
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