Troubleshooting a Transfer Case

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The transfer case is the true heart and soul of any 4WD (four wheel drive) system. It is attached to the transmission, and acts like it in many ways, but has the additional responsibility of dividing the power between the two output shafts.
If at any time you suspect your transfer case isn’t functioning properly or… Read More

Taking care of your car’s transmission is essential and should never be overlooked. It is also incredibly complex which can complicate things if you plan on fixing the problem yourself. It isn’t recommended for someone untrained to work on a transmission but with the right knowledge you can at least identify the problem and possible… Read More

The temperature is slowly starting to drop and each day we get closer to the winter months. In order to better prepare yourself on the road in the upcoming cold months check on your car and make sure your heating system is working and your coolant levels are where they should be.
The coolant keeps the… Read More

By the time you’ve been driving your car for a couple of months or even years you start to get comfortable with it and learn how it handles in certain situations. You learn the sounds it makes, how to take turns, and how it accelerates and brakes. As soon as something seems different you may… Read More

Your vehicle’s brakes are essentially your lifeline. They’re what protecting your car from running straight in to the car in front of you. You can have the fastest and most powerful car in the world but if you don’t have the brakes to control that speed then you won’t get to enjoy that car for… Read More

When you have a company or organization that provides its own transportation in any way then your fleet is going to eventually need service and repairs. Some organizations use their vehicles more than others and may have different servicing needs but the fact is that they still need to be checked on to ensure they… Read More

The more you drive your car the more you get accustomed to hearing noises while driving. There are some noises you are aware of that are more harmless than others but as soon as you hear something that starts to sound progressively worse than you should take time to address the problem.
If you suspect that… Read More

As the name might suggest, the primary function for the differential is to compensate for differences and in this case it’s the differences in wheel speed when turning.
When taking turns your inside and outside wheels turn at different speeds since the outside wheel has a further distance to travel and the differential helps provide power… Read More

Constant Velocity (CV) joints are used on both end of the front-wheel drive shafts. It acts as a flexible coupling that allows the outer wheels to steer in turns and lets the shaft follow the up and down motions of the suspension.
There are different CV joints you can get for your vehicle. Some outboard CV… Read More

A car with a functioning heater and air conditioner is a great luxury to have. They keep you comfortable in extreme temperatures so you don’t get distracted and can focus on driving. Since they’re often heavily used it usually doesn’t take too long to realize something has gone wrong.
After driving your car long enough you’ll… Read More

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