CV Joint Repair and Replacement

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Without a doubt, the wheel is what actually puts your car into motion. However, without the axle the wheel wouldn’t do us much good and it’s the constant velocity joint (or CV joint) that transfers the power from the axle to the wheel to get you from point A to point B.
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If your car was a human, the engine would be the heart and soul. Your car simply cannot run without a fully functioning engine. That’s why you should take notice when you see the check engine light is on in your car. Since the engine works hand in hand with several other components it can… Read More

Experiencing a brake problem indicates some type or service or repair should be performed to your car’s braking system. Sometimes it’s an unpleasant noise, a brake leak, or the pedal might feel strange upon application.
Whatever you may be experiencing, you’re going to want to have them serviced as soon as possible. Putting off a brake… Read More

A company that has transportation of any kind has to deal with another set of problems. Keeping the vehicles up and running over time can prove to be a costly expense. Whether your company or organization has cars, trucks, or vans they need to stay in working order so you can continue to do your… Read More

Any kind of leak in your car is never a good sign. If you think the leak could be coming from the differential then getting it looked at as soon as possible is going to be your best option. Driving with a faulty or unchecked differential could lead to expensive services and repairs.
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Let’s face it, transmissions can be tricky. It’s a very complex piece of machinery with more than enough components to keep an experienced mechanic busy for hours on end. Although it can seem overwhelming there are some simple signs you can look for if you think your automatic transmission is not working properly.
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Few things are more annoying than squeaky, grinding brakes when you’re driving out on the road. As uncomfortable as the sound may make you it’s actually a helpful indicator that you’re brakes are wearing thin and services and repairs should soon be in order.
Squealing or grinding brakes can mean a number of different things for… Read More

Vehicles that have four-wheel-drive also have a transfer case; it just comes with the package. What the 4×4 transfer case does is it sends power to both the front and rear axles which then powers the wheels which puts your car into motion. Transfer cases don’t have to support four-wheel-drive (4WD) they can also support… Read More

In order to find out what kind of differential you have for your car you first need to verify how your car drives. Most of the modern cars that have rear wheel drive capabilities have a rear differential. Although it is not well known to many drivers, it still provides one of the most important… Read More

Your car’s heater is what keeps you warm and comfortable in the cold winter months, at least it’s supposed to. Discovering your heater isn’t working when it’s windy and frosty outside is something no one wants to go through. If your heater is working fine now then great but it would help to take the… Read More

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