Common Problems with Your Differential

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Your vehicle’s differential is an integral component that puts your wheels into motion. When you get down to the nitty gritty the torque generated by the engine is what drives the car. Although this may be common knowledge to some, few people can describe in detail how the torque is used to create the rotational… Read More

Car problems can come in all shapes and sizes. Cars can emit several different sounds that can mean anything from bad brakes to a cracked serpentine belt and all the while a vibration can be felt from the steering wheel. Car problems range from the surprisingly simple to entirely complex and the average driver just… Read More

Manual transmissions are generally going to have fewer problems compared to automatic transmissions. People like to drive a manual transmission because it’s more durable and because it gives you the full on driving experience.
Although the manual transmission is very durable it has its problems like any other machine. In fact, many of the problems that… Read More

Leaks can occur just about anywhere in your car’s coolant system. Although leaks are never a good thing, it does help that they can be easily identified. The leak can often be seen dripping or spraying from a loose or leaky component.
You may need to get under the car to locate the leak. The radiator… Read More

Hands down there is no car component more detailed and elaborate than the transmission. The transmission transfers power from the engine to the wheels while adjusting the speed to torque ratio so the engine doesn’t have to work so hard at high speeds.
In fact, the transmission is so essential to the automobile that the car… Read More

Not every car has a transfer case. If your car has a transfer case then you have it for a reason. You want the power of a 4WD (four wheel drive) vehicle so you can have better traction and control on and off the road.
If you’ve been a car owner for even just a little… Read More

At some point your car’s clutch is going to wear down and require servicing. Much like your brakes the clutch will not last forever. Depending on how you drive can largely depend on when they need to be looked at.
Nowadays clutches can last up to around 80,000 miles but if you drive rather hard and… Read More

If your car was a person, the engine would serve as the heart. It is the main component for any automobile because it powers the car and works with other components to get you to your destination smoothly and safely.
So what happens when your car won’t start? Maybe something sounds different or feels a little… Read More

Your vehicle’s brake system is what keeps you and your car safe and in one piece out on the road. As your last line of defense against any collisions it’s imperative that you maintain fully functional brakes that will stop your car without question.
However, since the brakes are used as much, if not more, than… Read More

As unpredictable as Texas weather can be you never want to be unprepared when driving out on the road. Temperatures can reach the extreme highs and in some cases extreme lows (for Texans that is) and when it does you want to be able to drive in comfort.
Odds are it won’t take too long for… Read More

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