Getting the Most Out of Your Overdrive Automatic

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If your car has an automatic transmission then your car also has an overdrive. The overdrive or O/D is basically the highest gear in the transmission, usually the fourth gear. With it on, and it usually is, your car can go at higher speeds while working the engine at fewer RPMs.
This is a feature many… Read More

Constant velocity joints, or CV joints are covered by a protective boot. This boot keeps out all of the dirt, water, and other contaminants so the joint can maintain a constant lubrication of grease. If the boot ever splits or cracks then grease can leak out, outside contaminants get in, and the joint can dry… Read More

If your vehicle were a human being, the engine would be the heart and the transmission may as well be the lungs. Without the transmission working your car will not run properly and it will stay broken until something is done about the faulty transmission.
The transmission is incredibly complex because of the many variations and… Read More

It’s summer time and you’ve already taken notice to the steady rise in temperatures. Soon enough it will be in the triple digits and when that time comes you don’t want to be left with no air conditioning and an overheating engine.
Essentially, the engine is the heart of the car and the cooling system makes… Read More

In an automatic transmission the overdrive gives a faster output speed than input speed when it is engaged. Cars that have automatic transmissions will have the overdrive already on. In order to turn it off you need to press the Overdrive button that is usually located on the shifter or somewhere on the dashboard.
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Driving a manual transmission means becoming very familiar with how your clutch system works. A clutch that makes noise throughout your drive can quickly become aggravating. You want the clutch to operate smoothly and quietly and create a seamless transition from gear to gear. It’s the fun part of driving.
When the clutch becomes noisy, rough,… Read More

As a car owner you know what to expect when you get behind the wheel. Your car behaves a certain way and when it changes, such as with a sound, you definitely take notice. Hearing an unusual or unpleasant sound can spark off several questions in your head. Where is the sound coming from? What… Read More

The CV joint, or constant velocity joint, allows your car’s wheels to bend and rotate in all kinds of directions. It is made possible with a well lubricated joint that is protected by a covering, or boot. Since nothing lasts forever you can expect that problems with your CV joint can easily manifest over time… Read More

Brake problems can be unsettling, especially if you don’t know what’s causing it. They are the most important part of any car since they are what are keeping you from colliding into everything else on the road. There are some car problems that don’t require immediate attention and you’ll be okay.
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Has this ever happened to you? You go out to your car to turn it on expecting to be hit with fresh and cool air coming from your car’s A/C vents only to be surprised with an unpleasant mold-like smell. If so then you’re not alone.
Many people have experienced this when they first turn on… Read More

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