When to Rebuild a Transmission

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A bad transmission can be a serious problem. Ignoring the problem is what can get you in trouble. Transmissions are expensive, complex pieces of machinery that keep your engine from working too hard. If the transmission goes out then your car will be inoperable and it’s going to cost a hefty amount to get it… Read More

As much as we might want to ignore the ‘Check Engine’ light in our dashboard we also know it’s not a good idea. For many it represents a countdown to an inevitable meeting with a mechanic that’s going to overcharge them with unnecessary services and repairs. In some cases that may be true, but at… Read More

Clutch problems are never fun. When something goes wrong with your clutch system it usually causes some kind of irregularities in your driving that are clearly noticeable. Problems with standard transmissions can be easier to spot but automatics may prove to be a little trickier.
Doing some troubleshooting may help you identify the source of the… Read More

It goes without saying that your transmission is important. As an integral component that prevents your engine from overheating the transmission must always be well lubricated and have each individual part working in sync with one another in order for it to properly perform its functions.
When parts become worn and cracked and leaks start to… Read More

Your car’s coolant is one of the many important fluids required for your vehicle to operate properly. Without coolant the temperatures can get into the extremes and parts and components can be compromised. As we enter the dog days of summer it’s never too late to check up on your vehicle’s cooling and heating system.
The… Read More

Although not as widely known, the rear differential is a very important component that plays a large role in getting your car from point A to point B. Identifying problems with the differential may be difficult at first, but once confirmed they should be addressed as soon as possible.
In order to understand why an automotive… Read More

Your car’s brakes are probably the most important part on your entire vehicle. They are what are keeping you from crashing into everyone else on the road and as your last line of defense they must always be in working order.
Car brakes are incredibly important but they can also be incredibly annoying. No one takes… Read More

Engine failure is a problem no car owner ever wants to deal with. Not only is it stressful and time consuming but it can put quite a dent in your wallet. You don’t need to be a master mechanic to keep your car in good shape, but it’s imperative you look and listen to anything… Read More

Although it is regarded as a luxury, air conditioning in our vehicles has practically become standard especially in Texas. Our summers are long and hot and driving under the sun without a functioning air conditioning in your vehicle can be very uncomfortable if not unbearable.
Since air conditioning replacement and repair can be an expensive investment… Read More

Any company or organization that uses vehicles knows they’re in for an investment. Like every other car on the road they are going to need routine maintenance and repair if you expect to keep them around for a while.
2J’s Automotive offers special pricing and discounts for every fleet of vehicles we service. Everything from complete… Read More

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