What Your Noisy Transmission is Telling You

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Troubleshooting your car’s transmission problem can be a very intimidating challenge. Transmissions are very complex pieces of machinery that require an extensive knowledge if you ever plan to rebuild one. However there are some steps you can take at home to see if you can at least isolate the problem and find a possible solution.
The… Read More

If there is one component you should never ignore on your vehicle it would be the brakes. Your brakes are one of the most important parts to the car since they keep us on the road and out of dangerous collisions. Whatever problem or abnormality you are experiencing with your brakes should be addressed very… Read More

For many drivers the transmission can be a very intimidating piece of machinery. It has hundreds of different components that work together to transfer power from the engine to the wheels. We’ve all heard stories of mechanics telling people it would be cheaper to get a new car than to replace the transmission. As much… Read More

The brutal Texas summer is now behind us and the winter months have began. This is the perfect time to make sure your vehicle’s heating and A/C system is working, because if not you could suffer some very uncomfortable commutes in the months ahead.
You’ll know if your car’s heater isn’t working. Odds are you’re experiencing… Read More

At some point in your driving career you will experience some types of automotive problems. These problems may vary depending on if you drive a new car or used, car or truck, or even an automatic transmission compared to a manual. Engine vibrations may be something that occurs in older cars but the fact is… Read More

Determining what’s wrong with your car isn’t always easy. After years of driving the same car you start to get used to the handling and feel of it. Even though you may notice something isn’t as it should be it can be difficult finding out what is causing the problem, and that’s where we come… Read More

For many drivers determining what is wrong with your car can often prove to be a challenge. You know something is wrong because you can hear it or feel it every time you drive. However that doesn’t mean you know what is causing this problem to happen. In many cases this is the sentiment felt… Read More

We’ve all seen it before and at some point we’ve all ignored it before. The little glowing symbol in the dash that lets you know something may be wrong with your car. The ‘Check Engine’ light is there to remind you to get your car looked at before some kind of problem becomes much worse.
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The automobile’s air conditioning carries a lot of value in the state of Texas. Our summer days are long and hot and driving around without functioning air conditioning can be unbearable. When something goes wrong with your A/C you’re likely to pick up on it relatively soon. It’s identifying the source of the problem and… Read More

The universal joint or U-joint is one of the lesser known components on the car. It shares similarities with the CV joint but it is still very different. It works as a flexible coupling for both ends of the driveshaft. A U-joint has a four-legged center cross with needle bearing cups on each end. One… Read More

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