Warming Up Your Car is a Waste of Gas

As an understood rule of thumb many people like to warm up their car in the morning before they head out for the day. This is much more common in the winter months where people want to make sure their engine can handle the cold and that the heater is producing warm air so their commute is much more comfortable.

This might have ringed true in years past but most modern cars don’t require you to warm it up before driving. Modern engines warm up faster when the car is in motion as opposed to sitting idly. Letting your car sit idle is not going to have a negative impact on your car but you’re not getting anything out of it either, plus it adds more unneeded pollutants into the environment.

The implementation of computer software and the fuel-injection lets the vehicle regulate itself in the first couple of minutes after igniting the engine. Once the engine is warmed up, your vehicle will perform at maximum efficiency.

The best thing you can do is turn on the engine and start driving immediately. Drive lightly for the first five minutes and by then your car should be performing at its maximum efficiency because the engine will be at its optimal temperature. Doing this also benefits the car’s brakes as they need some time to warm up too.

Warning: Driving aggressively and braking sharply when you first start your car can warping to the brake rotors.

What about the really cold, frosty mornings and there’s ice and snow all over the car? This is in fact one of the worst habits people continue to do. Your engine works harder in freezing temperatures because it takes longer for it to get to its preferred temperature. This can take upwards to 15 minutes and during this time your engine is going through some rough wear and tear.

As uncomfortable as it may be, the best practice is still to turn on your car and immediately drive it lightly for five to ten minutes. Your engine will be warmed up and it should also start providing warm air for the interior of the cabin with the heat on.

The bottom line is get in your car and get on your war. You produce much less harmful emissions and it’s better for your engine.

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