Winter is around the corner, is your heater working properly?

Your heating and cooling system

A car with a functioning heater and air conditioner is a great luxury to have. They keep you comfortable in extreme temperatures so you don’t get distracted and can focus on driving. Since they’re often heavily used it usually doesn’t take too long to realize something has gone wrong.

After driving your car long enough you’ll have a good idea of how it should act and perform certain functions. It won’t take long for you realize your heater isn’t acting the way it should. Some of the first signs that are an obvious giveaway of something wrong are:

  • No warm air blows out when the heater is turned on
  • No air at all blows out when turned on
  • The heater won’t turn off and becomes “stuck”

If one or more of these things have happened then you should take a look at your car’s heater.

Tip: When identifying problems with your car, one of the first things you should always check is your fluid levels. With your heater, check to make sure the coolant levels are where they should be, and if not then fill up appropriately.

If you’re noticing low coolant levels then try to find out why they’re low before you top them off again. It can be a leak but it can also be air getting trapped in the heater core. When this happens, jack up the front of the car, remove the radiator cap and turn the car on with the heater on. This will allow the air to dissolve in the coolant and the coolant will leak out of the open cap.

This can be time consuming and you should wear protective gear, especially for the eyes, if you plan on flushing out your heater core.

However, if you feel uncomfortable tinkering with your own heating system then bring your car in to 2J’s Automotive and let our mechanics take care of the job for you. We will give your car a free diagnostic test ($80 value) and find out the source of the problem you’re experiencing.

Give us a call at 817-232-9866 if you have any questions about your car’s heating system and the experienced professionals will be sure to get you taken care of. Contact us if you have any questions.

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