Do You Need Help With Your Vehicle’s Engine Problem?

If your check engine light is on, bring it in for a free diagnostic test

If you’ve noticed your check engine light is on then it is time to bring it in for a diagnosis. Waiting too long to service your car could lead to a number of serious problems. It can include anything from a small hiccup that doesn’t have an effect on performance or safety to a failure of a major component. To help identify a problem try to make a mental note to remember when you noticed your check engine first came on. Were you driving at a certain speed? Were you braking, turning or shifting gears? Tips like this can help you narrow down the possible issues wrong with your car.

The mechanics at 2J’s Automotive can give your engine a free diagnostic test so you can know what you need to do to repair it.

Some of our repairs and services include:

  • Automatic and Standard Transmissions Rebuild
  • Coolant Flushing and Repair
  • Front and Rear Differential Rebuild
  • Transmission Reseal
  • Heating and A/C Repair

Armed with the proper knowledge you may be able to service your automobile on your own. If you’re experiencing a rough delay when you accelerate then you may have some clogged fuel injectors that need to be cleaned. Running a can of BG44K through your next tank of fuel could prove to be very beneficial to your cars performance. There are all kinds of injector cleaner foams that can help clean your injectors. Applying the injector foam to the PCV hose, the oil, and the fuel tank has led to positive results and it could help you.

However if you’re unsure of your car engines problem then don’t run the risk by misdiagnosing your car or truck. Bring it in to 2J’s Automotive and let the experts give your engine a proper diagnosis for free or give us a call at 817-232-9866.

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