Troubleshooting Your Car Brake Problem

brake-inspectionsIf there is one component you should never ignore on your vehicle it would be the brakes. Your brakes are one of the most important parts to the car since they keep us on the road and out of dangerous collisions. Whatever problem or abnormality you are experiencing with your brakes should be addressed very soon. You do not want to put off brake service and repair.

There are a number of different things that can go wrong with your brakes and each could have a different service or repair.

Brake Fluid

First things first, check for leaks before you start opening things up under the hood. Look to see if there are any puddles near where your car is parked for extended periods of time. It’s possible you have low brake fluid being caused by a leak.

If no leak is present then it’s possible you have bad brake fluid. Outside contaminants can sneak into cracks and holes and dirty up the brake fluid. If this is the case then bleed the brake fluid and replace it with new fluid.

Brake Noises

Brake noise is something most everyone is unpleasantly familiar with. Hearing a squeaking, grinding sound when applying the brakes can get annoying pretty fast but it does this for a reason. This noise serves as a reminder that the pads are wearing out and should be replaced soon.

Continuous use of the brakes will eventually cause the brake pedal to feel low and this can become a serious (and expensive) problem. Not to mention the brake noise will get worse before it gets better.

Your car’s stopping capabilities should never be put into question. It is extremely dangerous for the driver and everyone else on the road. Service and repair your car’s brakes with the best mechanics in Fort Worth at 2J’s Automotive.

We service all makes and models both foreign and domestic and there’s not a brake problem we can’t take care of. We’ll start with a free initial diagnostic test ($80 value) to pinpoint the location of the problem, inform you of your options, and get to work on your vehicle.

Call us at 817-232-9866 if you’re having brake problems or would like to schedule a time to come in.

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