Does Your Transmission Need to be Resealed?

Your vehicle’s transmission is one of the most important and complex components under the hood. There are several different working parts that each plays a vital role in ensuring your automobile runs properly.

So how do you know if your transmission needs to be resealed or replaced? There are some very common signs that can help you identify some potential problems that can affect your cars overall performance.

If you suspect an issue with the transmission, then check for the following:

  • Leaks or stains creating puddles underneath the car when it’s been parked for extended periods of time.
  • Check the transmission fluid for color and odor.
  • Pay attention to unfamiliar noises, shakes or vibrations and unusual shift behavior.

These basic signs can help you narrow down your car’s potential problem to the transmission.

Tip: When checking the transmission fluid for color and odor it’s important to know that it should be clear-like red oil. If it is cloudy or smells as if it’s been burned then odds are you’ll need to drain the transmission.

A reseal job is necessary if your transmission has an external leak. So if you’ve been seeing some red oily puddles gather underneath your car then you could very well qualify for a transmission reseal.

Most people don’t have the proper tools and equipment for a reseal job which is why it’s best to let a professional mechanic perform the job for you. 2J’s Automotive is well experienced in replacing and repairing transmissions.

However, if you want to perform the job yourself you’ll need to put the car on a lift to check for the location of the leak. If a leak has been spotted and the transmission performs fine then a reseal can be performed with it still in the car. Otherwise you may need to take the transmission out and that service can be quite expensive.

As you can imagine these services and repairs can eventually get rather detailed and expensive depending on the severity of the problem. If you don’t know all the ins and outs of your vehicle’s transmission then let the specialists at 2J’s Automotive perform the service for you.

With years of experience they will ensure your transmission is performing the way it should be so you can drive safely on the road.

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