A Soft or Low Brake Pedal Could be a Problem

Your car’s brakes are your lifeline on the road. They keep you and everyone else safe by making sure no one is colliding into each other by grabbing the tires when you press down on the pedal.

However over time your brakes will naturally begin to wear down and perform at a lesser quality. If when you press down on the brake pedal you feel like it’s going too low to the floor then you could have a brake problem.

A low brake pedal has two likely causes that are often misdiagnosed by some mechanics. They may tell you the master cylinder is failing when really it’s either too much movement happening between the linings and rotors or air getting into the system.

More than likely the problem is caused by air in the lines. This can happen a number of different ways. One of the lines could be leaking brake fluid and all of that extra space is filled up with air.

A quick and temporary fix to this would be to turn the car on and put the car in park. While in park tap on the brake pedal several times, this should make the soft feeling go away since the brakes are being used a lot. However once the brake hasn’t been used for a while air will begin to sneak back into the lines.

You need to bleed the brakes in order to get the air out of the system for good. It’s good practice to bleed your brakes every couple of years and to replace the brake fluid whether or not there is a leak.

Unless you are an experienced mechanic you’re probably going to need some help with your brake service and repair.

Bring your vehicle to 2J’s Automotive in Fort Worth and let our certified technicians service and repair them for you. We work on all makes and models both foreign and domestic so there isn’t a problem we haven’t seen and there isn’t a brake system configuration we’re unfamiliar with.

We give all cars a FREE diagnostic test ($80 value) so we can isolate the problem and give your vehicle the services and repairs it needs in order to operate properly on the road. Call us at 817-232-9866 if you have any questions or would like to arrange an appointment.

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