Shifting Problems and Your Clutch

car-clutchFor many drivers determining what is wrong with your car can often prove to be a challenge. You know something is wrong because you can hear it or feel it every time you drive. However that doesn’t mean you know what is causing this problem to happen. In many cases this is the sentiment felt when experiencing shifting problems.

If your car, whether it has a manual or automatic transmission, is having problems shifting gears then start paying closer attention to what exactly is happening and see if there is a way you can fix it. At first you may think there is something wrong with your vehicle’s clutch system but the problem may lie in the transmission.

Many drivers with this issue complain about experiencing one or both of these problems.

  • The transmission either stays in the same gear or won’t kick into gear at all.
  • Shifting is either too harsh or more delayed than it should be.

With transmission problems these are common occurrences and a possible solution could be something as simple as a part replacement.

A problem with your car’s clutch may require an adjustment, repair, or replacement of a specific part and depending on the make and model may require the transmission to be taken out of the vehicle.

In your clutch system the parts that will need inspection are the clutch disc, pressure plate, flywheel, and other components that work with the clutch system. The parts will be replaced if they are damaged beyond repair. Your clutch system will then be reassembled and installed back into your car and road tested to make sure everything is in working order.

Both your clutch and your transmission are vital components that play essential roles every time you hit the road. If you suspect something may be wrong with one or both of these parts then bring your vehicle into 2J’s Automotive before it’s too late.

At 2J’s Automotive we have certified technicians who work on all makes and models both foreign and domestic and can find out what is wrong with your vehicle. We will give you a FREE diagnostic test ($80 value) so we will know what steps need to be taken to amend the problem.

We are the transmission specialists and clutch system experts in Fort Worth. Call us at 817-232-9866 if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

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