Service Your Car if the Check Engine Light is On

Your engine is the heart and soul of your entire vehicle so it’s important to make sure everything with it is running properly. Since there are several other components that work hand in hand with the engine there can be several issues that can arise.

If the Check Engine Light or Maintenance Required light is on then you should start thinking having it serviced. There are some things to check for if you want to try to find out the problem yourself. However if there appears to be something wrong with the engine then odds are it will be one of these three things that is happening.

  • Bad fuel mix – you’re out of gas, have low quality gas or the air intake could be clogged.
  • Lack of compression – this could be caused by worn out piston rings, intake or exhaust valves not sealing all the way or cracks and holes in the cylinder.
  • Lack of spark – the wire to the spark plug is worn out causing a weak or nonexistent spark.

Of course there could be a number of different problems that come up such as a dead battery or low oil pressure but when it comes to the actual engine these are considered the big three. Engine problems are usually caused by worn out or clogged parts that is preventing an important function from happening.

If there is an outside part that is going to be added to an engine component then it’s very important to make sure it is compatible with your make and model otherwise it could damage the engine.

You can always play it safe and bring in your car to 2J’s Automotive so the professional mechanics can take a look at it for you. After giving it a free diagnostic test they will find out where the problem is coming from so they can administer the proper services and repairs.

Give us a call at 817-232-9866 if you think there is a problem with your engine and want to schedule an appointment.

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