Service Your Car if the Check Engine Light is On

There tends to be a lot of confusion and misunderstanding when it comes to the ‘Check Engine’ light coming on. Many drivers don’t pay much attention to it because a lot of times the problem isn’t very noticeable so they continue driving and don’t think that they should service their vehicle soon.

It doesn’t mean you need to pull over as soon as you notice it’s on but it means you should start planning on a convenient time to get it taken care of.

When the light comes on it means your car’s onboard diagnostics system (OBD) has found something in your vehicle that isn’t performing at the level it should and that could be for a number of different reasons.

Most makes and models from the last 10 years or so have increasingly used computers to monitor and control the many different levels inside your car.

Tip: The best thing you can do when the light comes on is to check your owner’s manual. Different cars have different warning indicators and the manual can help you narrow down the list of possible problems and solutions.

Run through a simple checklist if you see your engine light is on.

  • Check for any serious or noticeable problems that may require attention such as noises, vibrations or overheating.
  • Check your fluid levels and look under your car to see if there are any leaks.
  • Make sure your gas cap is tightly on. As odd as it many sound, this solves the problem a lot of times.

If you don’t feel like doing it yourself you can always bring your car in to 2J’s Automotive and let the experienced professionals take care of it for you. We offer a FREE diagnostic test and can tell you exactly where the problem is.

Give us a call at 817-232-9866 if you have any questions about your engine or would like to make an appointment.

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