Resealed Transmission Jobs Can Be Costly

There is no doubt the automobile transmission is one of the most complex pieces of machinery out there and it also happens to be an integral part of your vehicle. They are much more complicated than what they were in the past because they now have several hundred individual components that serve important and specific functions.

In order to properly repair or even diagnose your car’s transmission it is important to get more familiar with some of the pieces and understand what purpose they serve. Most mechanics will tell you that to find out an issue with a transmission they need to be dismantled so each individual part can be closely inspected and cleaned so an accurate assessment can be made.

So how do you know if your car’s transmission needs to be resealed?

Most services and repairs in a transmission are relatively minor and don’t require a complete rebuild or reseal. However if you think your transmission has been acting up for quite some time now then it may require more attention.

The first thing you want to look for if you think a reseal job is in order is to see if there are any puddles gathering underneath the front of your car. If you’re leaving spots on the driveway or wherever you park for extended periods of time then your transmission may have a leak and the leak needs to be located and resealed.

Note: Your car can have a number of different leaks at any given time. A transmission fluid leak will have a reddish brown tint to it.

Repair costs largely depend on the severity of the problem and what specific parts require replacement. The sooner the problem is identified and addressed the better.

Save yourself the stress of troubleshooting your transmission problem and bring your car in to 2J’s Automotive so the professional mechanics can take care of it for you. After the initial diagnostic test, valued at $80, we will assess the problem and offer recommendations.

Give us a call at 817-232-9866 if you think you need to have your transmission resealed or serviced.

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