Repairing a Damaged CV Boot

CV-jointConstant velocity joints, or CV joints are covered by a protective boot. This boot keeps out all of the dirt, water, and other contaminants so the joint can maintain a constant lubrication of grease. If the boot ever splits or cracks then grease can leak out, outside contaminants get in, and the joint can dry out and start doing damage.

Although CV joint and boot damage isn’t a common occurrence it’s still worth knowing since these components see a lot of action every time you hit the road.

The first sign you should notice is a leak. Grease will began to leak out of the damaged boot causing metal on metal friction. The severity of the damage largely depends on the size of the crack in the boot.

Tip: Mechanics will usually identify the problem if you take your car in for routine check-ups. However, to check it yourself locate the boot (usually made of rubber) and wash off the dirt and gunk to see if there are any leaks big or small.

Disassembly and Replacement

You won’t really be repairing the boot as much as you are replacing it. To replace the boot with a new one you must first remove the retaining clamps. Once they are off, the axle is removed to expose the joint which should be put to the side for reassembly later. With everything removed the boot can now be slid over the top of the housing and thrown out.

Now, the joint parts should be reassembled back together in the empty joint casing, and with everything secured the lubrication can be applied. The new boot is slid over one end of the axle and fit over the joint housing. Once it clamps on there you can inspect it and test it out to make sure everything is working as it should.

If this proves to be overwhelming then bring your vehicle into 2J’s Automotive. Our certified technicians can answer any questions and perform whatever kind of services and repairs you require. An initial diagnostics test (valued at $80) will reveal the problem to us so we know what repairs are in order.

We work on all makes and models both foreign and domestic and we will get you back on the road and in working order. Visit us at our auto shop in Fort Worth or call us at 817-232-9866 if you have any questions about CV joints or boots.

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