When to Rebuild a Transmission

Hands down there is no car component more detailed and elaborate than the transmission. The transmission transfers power from the engine to the wheels while adjusting the speed to torque ratio so the engine doesn’t have to work so hard at high speeds.

In fact, the transmission is so essential to the automobile that the car is basically useless until it is fixed. Since this car component is so complex and important it is not cheap if something goes wrong. The implementation of computer technology has made them even more complex and has caused certain services and repairs to be more elaborate.

If you’ve reached that mile where your transmission can go no further there are some options available to you.

Your options may differ slightly depending on if you have either an automatic or manual transmission, but if you drive an automatic the following is available to you.

Rebuilt or Remanufactured

A rebuilt transmission is the result of removing the transmission from the vehicle, disassembling and inspecting each individual piece, replacing the damaged pieces, and then reassembling it and putting it back into your car.

Note: A remanufactured transmission follows the same process except in a factory setting as opposed to an auto shop.


A repaired transmission is exactly as it sounds. An individual piece or component is replaced or fixed without rebuilding the entire transmission. Many leaks can be stopped with a repair job but be sure to check your warranty so you’re not paying more money down the road when something else goes wrong.


In some cases insurance companies can total a car simply if the airbags were deployed, regardless of what kind of damage was done. The rest of the car could be in great working condition including the transmission. You can find these cheaper than rebuilt transmissions but don’t expect to get as good a warranty.

Transmissions aren’t cheap and it’s a decision you should take time on. Consider your options, budget, and time constraints and if you need some professional advice then visit us in Fort Worth at 2J’s Automotive.

Our certified mechanics service all makes and models both foreign and domestic. As the transmission specialists we will provide you with the best service and maintenance and a warranty that will give you peace of mind.

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