Are You Having Problems With Your Overdrive Automatic Transmission?

Without a doubt the transmission is one of the most intricate and complicated pieces of machinery inside your car. As you can imagine a lot can go wrong with a transmission over time especially if driven aggressively.

If you think you’ve narrowed down your problem to the overdrive feature then you may be able to take some steps in fixing the problem. First of all the term “overdrive” is often misunderstood. The overdrive feature is available in both standard and automatic transmissions and it is designed to improve your engine performance as well as fuel efficiency.

Most cars with an automatic transmission have three speeds and then the overdrive is the highest gear (fourth speed). It improves engine performance by using less RPM’s at higher speeds which in turn gives you better fuel efficiency. If it is turned off you limit the shifting to third speed. It may need to be turned off if driving in mountains with high grades or slopes or if you’re towing a heavy load.

Note: In normal driving conditions your overdrive should ALWAYS be turned on.

How can you tell if the overdrive is the problem? There are a couple of red flags you should watch out for that can give you a good idea of what could be the problem.

  • Shifting in and out of gear
  • Shifting out of overdrive on its own
  • Faulty transmission temperature sensor
  • Low fluid levels
  • A bad connection in the transmission
  • A bad cooler check valve

If one or more of these things are the problem then your overdrive may need to be looked at. Often times small errors can be fixed by cleaning connections. However if the problem persists then you should bring it in to 2J’s Automotive and let the professionals take a look at your transmission.

They are the experts when it comes to transmissions and can get your car running the way it should in no time. Bring your car in for a free diagnostic test, $80 value, or give us a call at 817-232-9866 if you have any questions.

2 responses to “Are You Having Problems With Your Overdrive Automatic Transmission?”

  1. Jeff Hudspeth says:

    I have a 2006 Chevy Colorado with the 5 cyl. engine and automatic trans. When its cold out, and I get on the highway it won’t shift into overdrive for several miles. The RPM is usually around 2500 at 60mph. I seem to use more fuel when this happens. Why doesn’t it shift into OD just because its cold?? Thanks!

    • admin says:

      This would need to be checked out. For some reason It sounds like your losing pressure and is having to build up to shift. It also could be a solenoid that is bad.

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