Problems With Your Heating or A/C Should Be Checked Out

No matter what the weather or driving conditions may be like you will most likely rely on your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning year round. September will soon be coming to a close but it’s never too late to have your A/C unit serviced and repaired. It’s also never too early to get your heating system taken care of before the winter months arrive.

There are some clear signs you can check for to see if your heating and A/C are malfunctioning in some way.

  • No air comes out of the vents with the heating or A/C turned on
  • Only cold or only warm air comes out when turned on
  • Unusual noises when turned on

If you want to troubleshoot your heating problem then there are a couple of things to check for to get started. You’re first going to want to check the engine coolant levels. If it looks unusually low then it’s possible there could be a leak somewhere in the cooling system. Fix the repair before refilling with coolant.

Next check your heater control valve. This valve is used to cut off heated coolant to the core when the heater is not turned on. If the valve appears to be stuck then it may need to be replaced.

The vacuum feed should be checked next. The vacuum is used to move the temperature adjustment doors inside the heater. If you hear a hissing noise when it’s turned on then there is a leak somewhere and must be repaired before the heater can work properly again.

2J’s Automotive can always answer any questions you may have if you’re still experiencing problems with your heater or A/C unit. Bring your car in for a free diagnostic test, valued at $80, and we can identify the source and location of the problem and get it serviced and repaired for you. Give us a visit or call us at 817-232-9866 if you have any questions.

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