Problems with Auto Air Conditioning Blowing Warm Air

As unpredictable as Texas weather can be you never want to be unprepared when driving out on the road. Temperatures can reach the extreme highs and in some cases extreme lows (for Texans that is) and when it does you want to be able to drive in comfort.

Odds are it won’t take too long for you to notice when your car’s air conditioning isn’t performing as it should. There are several problems that can take place with your air conditioning and one of the more frustrating is when your air conditioning is blowing out warm air.

Lack of refrigerant

This is one of the more common causes to this type of problem and could be why the air coming out of the vents isn’t cooled. Leaks in the air conditioning unit can cause you to lose your charge of refrigerant. If this is the case, then the leak should be identified, resealed, and new refrigerant should be put back into the system.

techtipTip: If the leak has been identified and it doesn’t appear to be too severe then a temporary solution could be to add a can of refrigerant every summer. Doing this with fast leaks would be the equivalent of throwing money out the window.

If there’s no leak then the problem could be the compressor not engaging when the air is turned on. This can be caused by electrical problems with other components making them not respond.

Low refrigerant may be the most common problem with air conditioning units but other factors can effect the performance. There could be a faulty air duct system causing air to not be blown out as hard. Something could be clogging the air vent or obstructing refrigerant inside the system preventing it from being circulated.

DIY projects for auto A/C units aren’t the easiest. If the problem is complicated then specialized tools, equipment, and training are often required. If the problem sounds like it may be beyond your skills and knowledge then let the professionals take a look at it.

Bring your vehicle to 2J’s Automotive in Fort Worth and let out certified mechanics service and repair your vehicle’s air conditioning for you. We service all makes and models and you can trust that we will find the problem and take care of it at an affordable rate.

Call us at 817-232-9866 to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions about your heating or air conditioning.

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