Prevent Transfer Case Problems With Helpful Tips

Any kind of problem that may come up with your car should be addressed as soon as possible. Like anything else if you know what to look for you can save yourself a lot of time and stress. 4×4 transfer cases usually don’t come standard with most makes and models so knowing what to look for may be a little more complicated.

Your vehicle’s transfer case directs power to both ends of the car (axles) through separate driveshafts which gives you 4 wheel drive capabilities. If your car has a standard 2 wheel drive then it doesn’t need a transfer case since the driveshaft comes directly out of the transmission.

One of the common problems that can come up with your transfer case is the fluid needs to be changed out. First you need to go over what tools are needed:

  • 22 mm socket
  • ½” drive ratchet
  • Oil drain pan
  • Cloths or rags
  • Locate the specific fluid your transfer case takes.  This can be found in the owners manual or on-line.

Once you have everything that is required it is time to get to work on changing out the fluid in your 4×4 transfer case. You should first locate the drain and fill plugs on your transfer case.

Note: These should both be on the same side, the rear, but it may change from case to case.

Then break the fill plug followed by the drain plug. Make sure to have the oil drain pan in place before you completely unscrew the plug. With the drain plug off clean and replace it. Once it’s been replaced pour the synchromesh fluid into the fill side and once it starts to come out of the fill hole quickly seal it with the plug.

After following these steps you should be complete. If you are having issues locating the plugs or feel uneasy about attempting the problem yourself then bring your car in to 2J’s Automotive and let the expert mechanics take care of it for you.

A free diagnostic test (valued at $80) is just one of the many services offered at 2J’s Automotive so call 817-232-9866 to make an appointment or stop by and give us a visit.

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