An Overheating Engine and What it Means

Your engine is like the heart for your entire vehicle. It’s what powers everything and has several components connected to it but if it starts working too hard then bad (and expensive) things can start happening.

Although the temperature is starting to drop and the weather is getting colder it’s still important to understand what car overheating means and what you can do about it.

The first thing you want to do is check for the obvious signs. If you have a temperature gauge on your dashboard then check to see where the pin is located. If it’s leaning all the way into the red then odds are your engine is being overworked and is operating at very high temperatures.

Note: If your car doesn’t have a temperature gauge then you may have a temperature symbol light up in your dashboard when it’s overheating. Check your owner’s manual.

Another clear sign your car is overheating is if you are seeing steam come up from underneath the hood of your car. This is a clear sign your car is overheating and if possible you should turn it off and let the engine sit and cool off.

When you begin troubleshooting your overheating engine the first thing you definitely want to do is check the coolant levels. By far the most common cause for overheating is due to low coolant. As long as you routinely service your vehicle you shouldn’t have this problem but without the proper amount of coolant your radiator will not be able to transfer heat.

If it turns out to be another component causing the overheating and not just low coolant levels then the problem may require more attention.

Bring your vehicle into 2J’s Automotive and let our expert mechanics take a look at it for you. More than likely there is a problem with the heating and cooling system and you may have a broken part that isn’t doing its job.

You could have a bad fan, broken fan belt, or your radiator could be clogged or broken. Either way our certified mechanics work on all makes and models both foreign and domestic so there isn’t a problem we can’t take care of.

All vehicles receive a FREE diagnostic test ($80 value) to let us assess the problem and offer the services and repairs that are required to solve the problem. Engine overheating can be a very expensive repair that also causes a lot of damage, both of which are not good.

Stop by our auto shop in Fort Worth if you’re having any car problems or call us at 817-232-9866 to schedule an appointment.

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