Is Your Overdrive Not Activating In Your Automatic Transmission?

An automatic transmission is incredibly complex and when you throw in an overdrive it just adds to the number of different working components. Before you jump under the hood and start tinkering with different pieces it helps to know some of the basic functionalities of an overdrive.

The overdrive (O/D) is basically the highest gear in an automatic transmission and it is usually fourth speed. When activated it allows the engine to work less, or have less RPMs, which in turn gives you better fuel efficiency. With the O/D switched on you enable the transmission to go automatically into overdrive once your car reaches a certain speed (usually around 35-55 mph).

Note: If the O/D is turned off then your vehicle cannot shift higher than 3rd gear but it is highly recommended to keep your O/D turned on at all times with a few exceptions.

If you’re noticing your automatic transmission is acting strange by not shifting or your engine sounds louder than it should be then it could be a possibility that your O/D isn’t kicking in.

Ask yourself some basic questions to see if you can narrow down the location of the problem.

  • Are your fluid levels where they should be?
  • Do you see any leaks from your transmission?
  • Is the filter clogged?
  • Does the O/D need to be taken out and replaced?

If you’re able to find out the answer to some of these questions then it could really help you figure out what could be going wrong with your O/D. It’s important to know that sometimes the smallest wire, fuse or piston could be what is causing your O/D to act up.

It’s always a safe bet to bring your vehicle in to 2J’s Automotive where the expert mechanics can get your overdrive working as good as new in just a matter of time. Instead of running the risk of damaging something underneath the hood that was working before you can rest assured the professionals will fix any issues your car may be having, especially your standard or automatic transmission.

Call us at 817-232-9866 if you have any questions regarding your overdrive or to schedule a check up for your vehicle.

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