Manual Transmission Problems Only Get Worse

transmission-rebuidIt goes without saying that your transmission is important. As an integral component that prevents your engine from overheating the transmission must always be well lubricated and have each individual part working in sync with one another in order for it to properly perform its functions.

When parts become worn and cracked and leaks start to appear is when you need to take action. The longer you wait the more damage will be done to your car and a bigger hole will be left in your wallet.

With manual transmissions the first problems you start to see are usually clutch related caused by rough driving over time. This doesn’t mean that automatic transmissions are in the clear but problems may originate elsewhere.

Note: Clutch problems can be complicated and often require an expert for service and repair but you can still do your fair share of troubleshooting and diagnosing to see if you can locate the problem.

Here are some manual transmission problems that many people face at some point:

  • Leaking oil or transmission fluid
  • Car slips or jumps out of gear
  • Refuses to properly get into gear
  • Unusual smells
  • Turbulent noises – knocking, scratching, clunking

The first thing you should do is look for a leak. This is the first thing you should always do if you ever suspect a problem with your car because it’s usually the easiest thing to spot. If a leak is seen then identifying the fluid is the next step to help you isolate the leak location.

If the car is making unnatural noises at times when no sounds should be made then it is highly likely you have an internal problem with your manual transmission. In other words you have a clutch problem. The same goes for when the vehicle slips in and out of gear. A gear may be cracked or chipped off causing metal on metal friction and a less smooth transition from gear to gear.

Our certified mechanics at 2J’s Automotive in Fort Worth are the transmission specialists. We will service, repair, and rebuild your vehicle’s transmission. We will answer any question you have and solve any problem you have with your transmission.

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