Listening to Your Car Can Help You Spot Engine Problems

Your engine is essentially the heart of your entire vehicle. Without it your car would be a sitting piece of scrap metal so it’s important to make sure it stays in good condition, and if not taken care of it could end up being just that.

You can find many common car problems early by just listening for a sound. Spotting it early will save you time and money and in some cases you can usually tell right whenever you ignite your engine. After some time with a car most people can pick up on how a car should sound and an unusual noise can be pretty noticeable.

Even if you’re not that familiar with the inner workings of your automobile you can narrow down the problem by noticing specific sounds.

Here are some sounds and possible problems:

  • Hissing – Often heard from the engine it could possibly be overheating or leaking from the engine
  • Loud Rumbling – Could be heard when you push on the gas pedal the engine sounds like it’s being overworked. Check your fluid levels or it could also be bad pumps.
  • Popping – If you’re noticing your engine is hesitating or not performing like it should then it could be dirty filters or an ignition problem.

As always, be sure to also see if your check engine light is on. If it is then you can be certain something in your car is not performing up to par.

Note: On the other hand if it’s not then it would be best to see if it continues and have it looked at by a professional so it goes away.

You can always rely on the professionals at 2J’s Automotive to provide you with the best service and repairs for all of your vehicle problems. They can answer any questions you may have and give your car a free diagnostics test ($80 value that other repair shops may charge you) and assess the problem so your car gets the proper repairs it needs.

Contact us with any questions you may have about your engine if you think there is something wrong with it or simply call us at 817-232-9866.

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