Learn How to Troubleshoot Your Brake Problems

Your car brakes are essentially lifeline. They keep you safe by preventing your car from running into anything and everything on and off the road. The moment you start to suspect something may be wrong with your brakes is the moment you should pay more attention to how your brakes are acting.

The best time to check for brake problems is during application. With the engine on, keep your car in park and step down on the brake pedal. Pay attention to any unfamiliar sounds or vibrations that could be happening during application. This can help you narrow down where the problem is happening inside your brakes.

There are a couple of different tests you can give your car to determine the source of the problem:

  • When idle, apply a steady pressure to the brake pedal – take note to how it feels when pressing down. Is the pedal firm or does it sink slowly to the floor? If it sinks then your master cylinder could be damaged and it should be replaced.
  • Test the brakes when driving in a parking lot or around the block – pay attention to how long it takes your car to come to a complete stop. Does it take too long or does it come to an abrupt stop? This could be affected by the power booster being worn out.
  • Pump the brake pedal a couple of times while driving around – notice how long it takes the car to stop in relation to how far down the brake pedal is. Whether or not the pedal stays high up can determine if you need an adjustment or not or you could need more brake fluid.

Give your car these tests to see if you can determine the problem with your brakes. If you’re not getting the answer you’re looking for then bring your car in to 2J’s Automotive and let the experienced mechanics take a look at it for you.

We offer a FREE diagnostic test ($80 value) and can find out the exact problem that needs to be serviced and repaired so you can get back out on the open road. Give us a call at 817-232-9866 if you have any questions.

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