Knowing When to Replace a CV Joint

Constant Velocity Joints, or CV joints are used in many cars that have front wheel or all-wheel drive. They allow the car to maintain power while taking turns, and without them front wheel drive would not work effectively.

They can be found near the front axle of the car, and on occasion it can be found on the rear axle as well. Check under the front wheel wells for its exact location and you’ll notice it is protected by a greased rubber boot.

So how do you know if they need to be replaced? Noise is the most common symptom. If you’re hearing any kind of strange noise while turning then there is a good chance it could be your CV joints. It could sound like anything from a thumping, squealing, popping or humming noise.

These noises accompanied by a slight vibration in acceleration can be caused by a bad CV joint. Confirm your suspicions by visually inspecting the CV joint. If you notice the boot is cracked or loose then odds are both the boot and CV joint need to be replaced.

Note: Do NOT put off replacing your CV joint as it could lead to serious damages to your vehicle. A joint that fails and breaks apart can cause the entire driveshaft to fall out of the car leaving your car completely undrivable.

It’s best to bring your car in to 2J’s Automotive sooner than later. The specialists can find out what exactly is wrong with your car so you drive safely knowing everything has been taken care of. After giving your car a free diagnostic test ($80 value) they will assess the problem and inform you of possible solutions.

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Send us an email if you have questions regarding CV joints, boots or Universal joints or simply bring your car in and let the experts take care of the rest.

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  1. Dianndra says:

    Last year I had my transmission rebuilt at AAMCO and this year my transmission is slipping again. Tomorrow they will be repairing my tranny once again and they have said I need my CV axles replaced with a quote of $977. My question is can I have these repaired without having my transmission taken apart so I can have them done with you guys if they need to be replaced?

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