Guaranteed Warranties on Your Rebuilt Transmission

When it comes to your vehicle’s transmission you don’t want to take any chances. Anyone who has driven a used car or a new car for some years can tell you that your transmission needs to be kept in good shape. This is especially important because a number of things can go wrong with it.

Every transmission has a lot of parts and they aren’t necessarily simple. So if you think it’s time for your transmission to be looked at then the professionals at 2J’s Automotive can check to see how everything under the hood is running.

If you’re experiencing a leak and it’s coming from the transmission then it could end up being a relatively simple fix. If the problem appears to be more serious then you may need to have the transfer case dropped and the entire transmission removed.

Sometimes a completely rebuilt transmission is necessary and 2J’s Automotive can ensure extended warranties on both standard and automatic rebuilt transmissions.

The standard warranty for rebuilt transmissions is 12 month / 12,000 miles. However you can get the extended warranty which covers you for 36 months / 50,000 miles for only $500.

The longer you wait to service your transmission the more expensive the repair is going to be. It could easily be in the $100’s so save yourself some money and get your vehicle checked at 2J’s Automotive as soon as possible.

We’ll even give you a free diagnostic test valued at $80 so we can find out what exactly needs to be done to repair your car.

Give us a call at 817-232-9866 if you have any questions regarding your rebuilt transmission or if you want to schedule a service time.

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