A Free Diagnostic Test to Turn Off the Check Engine Light

For a lot of drivers out there the ‘Check Engine’ light is one of mystery. A lot of the times it turns on and you don’t even notice it for a couple of days, or you don’t see what the problem could be since your car is driving the exact same. However, the fact is that the ‘Check Engine’ light is trying to tell you that something isn’t performing at the level it should be and it should never be overlooked.

Most of the time the problem is relatively harmless unless you ignore it and let it escalate to a serious issue. You should have plenty of time to figure out what the problem is and service it or schedule an appointment and have a professional service and repair it for you.

Bring your car in to 2J’s Automotive for a free diagnostic test ($80 value) and we will take some steps to narrow down the problem.

We will:

  • Ask you about the nature of the problem you’re experiencing
  • Give your vehicle an inspection
  • Perform a computer scan
  • Test drive it if necessary

This will help them find out the nature of the problem so they can administer the proper services and repairs to your automobile. Sometimes it can be something as insignificant as an unclosed gas lid, and other times it could be a serious problem with your engine or transmission.

It’s important to note that if your ‘Check Engine’ light is blinking then it should be looked at as soon as possible as something serious is wrong with your vehicle. This usually happens as a result of ignoring the light for multiple days or weeks and letting the problem get more severe.

Save yourself the time, money and stress and let the mechanics at 2J’s Automotive service and repair your car after giving it a free diagnostic test. Your car will be performing at the most efficient level so you can drive safely out on the open road.

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