Find the Right Transfer Case for Your Make and Model

If you drive a vehicle that has all-wheel or four-wheel drive capabilities then you may already be familiar with the term “transfer case.” It is connected to the car’s transmission as well as the front and rear axles by separate driveshafts.

It transfers the power from the transmission to the axles via the driveshafts and different vehicles may have different options with their transfer cases. Some vehicles designed for off-road use may have a transfer case that is controlled by the driver. This means the driver has the option of turning the all-wheel drive on or off depending on their driving conditions.

This can either be in the form of a switch or shifter which is similar to what you’ll see and experience in a manual transmission. Some all-wheel drive vehicles may have a transfer case that doesn’t give the driver any options. This means the car is permanently locked in all-wheel drive mode.

Knowing what capabilities your transfer case can really help you know how your car will perform on the road. Each make and model has options when it comes to transfer cases as well as axle gear ratios.

Tip: The different axle gear ratios can allow the driver to optimize their car for better fuel efficiency and vehicle towing capabilities.

You may need to check your owner’s manual for more specifics on what additional components are compatible with your vehicle. If you don’t you could easily end up purchasing the wrong transfer case for your car.

However if you’re not that familiar with the inner workings of your vehicle then it may be best to let the mechanics at 2J’s Automotive take care of your transfer case problems for you. They have several years’ experience and can offer suggestions on which transfer case would fit your vehicle best and then ensure it gets installed successfully.

Give us a call at 817-232-9866 to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions regarding your transfer case and axles.

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