Experiencing Air Conditioning Problems?

With the winter months behind us it’s now time to look forward to the spring and upcoming summer months that are fast approaching. You don’t have to live in Texas long to know how fast it can change and how hot it can be for days.

Before the temperatures get too extreme it would be wise to make sure your vehicle’s air conditioning is running properly. It isn’t hard to tell if you’re A/C isn’t working the way it should. If it’s blowing warm air, hot air (by hot I mean hotter than the outside air), or no air at all then there are some things you can check to try to get it running again.

Every air conditioning unit has three basic components. The compressor, condenser and evaporator and it basically functions how a household refrigerator functions. Finding out what exactly is wrong with your A/C may take some time. Some leaks are easy to spot but not always easy to fix. A leak could mean you need to fix it then recharge it with Freon.

Warning: It is not illegal to own or use R-12 but it is illegal to purchase R-12 and R-134a if you are not certified by the EPA. This may make it difficult for some to obtain the necessary product to recharge their A/C.

Be sure to also look out for other problems that could lead to a bad A/C unit. Anything from bad fuses, switches, broken wires or fan belts could prevent your air conditioning unit from blowing out cool air.

If you don’t think you can repair the A/C unit yourself then bring it in to 2J’s Automotive where certified professionals can service and repair your car. With several years’ experience they know the proper procedures to take to ensure you’re A/C unit runs the way it should so you’re not suffering the Texas heat in the upcoming months.

Send us an email if you have any questions about your air conditioning or about our current promotion.

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