Engine Vibrations and What They mean

At some point in your driving career you will experience some types of automotive problems. These problems may vary depending on if you drive a new car or used, car or truck, or even an automatic transmission compared to a manual. Engine vibrations may be something that occurs in older cars but the fact is it could happen to any vehicle no matter the condition so being prepared could only help you in the long run.

What causes engine vibrations?

A shaking or vibrating engine could be caused by a number of things. Here are some of the common problems that causes your engine, and in some cases entire car, to vibrate:

  • Faulty, worn out spark plugs – bad spark plugs can cause an engine misfire or it won’t fire on every cylinder. New spark plugs should correct this problem.
  • Collapsed or broken engine mount – If your car shakes rather violently when stopped or parked then there’s a good chance your engine mount is damaged. Put the car is neutral and see if the vibrations go down a bit. If so, then it would be best to take it to a trained mechanic.
  • Bad timing belt – While you’re at it check the other belts. If a belt is damaged, dirty, or loose then it could cause other components to operate at the wrong speed causing irregular sounds and vibrations to occur.
  • Loose or detached vacuum hoses – These can cause all kinds of shaking to go on under the hood. Give it a good inspection and make sure every hose and tube is connected or you may experience some violent shaking during your driving time.
  • Poorly adjusted fuel intake system – It’s possible for idling problems to cause vibrations. Try adjusting the idle on the carburetor or cleaning off some of the related components and see if it allows for fuel to pass through more efficiently.

Engine vibrations can be scary especially if you’ve never experienced them before. They can be bad enough to make you shake around in your seat on some occasions.

If you’re ready for a smooth and shake free drive from point A to Point B then bring your car into 2J’s Automotive. Our expert mechanics work on all makes and models both foreign and domestic and they will be able to get rid of that pesky vibration for good.

We will inspect your engine and give you a FREE diagnostic test as well (valued at $80 or more in some places) so we know for sure of where and what to work on under the hood.

Give us a call at 817-232-9866 if you would like to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions about your engine.


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