Engine Problems Can Lead to Other Problems

If your car was a person, the engine would serve as the heart. It is the main component for any automobile because it powers the car and works with other components to get you to your destination smoothly and safely.

So what happens when your car won’t start? Maybe something sounds different or feels a little off. If you suspect something could be wrong with your car’s engine then give it a look over to see if you can locate the problem.

There are three main problems that can happen in an engine that can cause it to not work properly. We all know automotive problems aren’t always as cut and dry and there could be several other factors that are causing problems but these three are the main culprits.

  • No compression – the combustion process won’t work effectively if the air and fuel can’t be compressed.  Odds are you have either worn piston rings, valves that aren’t sealing properly, or a hole in the cylinder.
  • Bad fuel mix – having anything other than gasoline in your tank can cause this. Water or any other outside contaminant can cause the fuel not to burn.
  • Lack of spark – you need a spark to ignite the engine and if the spark is weak or nonexistent then the engine will fail to start. A bad spark plug or wire can cause the spark to be too weak.

If neither of these three appears to be the problem you’re experiencing then keep looking. Lack of motor oil can cause the engine to seize up, the battery could be dead, or a number of other contributing factors could be the problem.

If you’ve checked every area and have still come up short for a solution then bring your car into 2J’s Automotive. Our certified technicians service all makes and models both foreign and domestic and can take care of whatever automotive problem you may be experiencing.

We offer a free diagnostic test ($80 value) to all of our customers so we can be certain of what the problem is and where it can be located. Let us service and repair your engine at our auto shop in Fort Worth and have confidence in knowing you’re receiving the best auto service in town.

Call us at 817-232-9866 if you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment.

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