How to Tell if Your Engine is Overheating

Prevent your engine from overheating by getting regular maintenance

If you think your car’s engine is overheating then it’s best to find out what is wrong with it now rather than waiting until a serious problem arises. Usually your car won’t overheat immediately after igniting the engine because it takes time to build up after it has been running for some time.

Odds are your overheating problem is caused by some sort of problem with the radiator and the repairs could be very simple and cheap if it’s checked early. One of the first things you can check is your vehicle’s coolant level.

Warning: Make sure your car is cooled off if it’s been running for a while before you check the coolant levels. If the car is still hot you can get burned.

Using a rag, carefully open the cap and check the coolant level. If it is low then simply fill it back up with the coolant. Sometimes this can be the only problem causing the overheating but if not then you will need to continue your diagnosis.

If you’re noticing that your coolant levels aren’t even low then you should check the thermostat and water pump as possible problems. You will also want to check your fans and make sure they are coming on when the car is running at operating temperature. If the fan is not coming on then it could possibly cause overheating when your car sits idle or when it is running at low speeds.

Another thing to check for is leakage. More likely than not, your car will at one point have some kind of leakage so it’s important to always check around and underneath your vehicle for any spots.

These are some common occurrences in an overheating engine and if you’re still coming up with no solution then it’s time to bring it in to the mechanics at 2J’s Automotive. After giving your car a free diagnostic ($80 value) they can tell you what needs to be done to ensure your engine and radiator are properly running.

Don’t hesitate to send us an email because 2J’s Automotive wants to make sure your car performs well so you can drive safely on the road.

4 responses to “How to Tell if Your Engine is Overheating”

  1. Brooklyn says:

    I decided to take my car up to the nearest gas station, 3 miles from where i live.M car began overheating so i pulled over approximately 3 times to allow my transmission to cool off however i do not know if i permanently injured my engine or it can be fixed. I own a 98 BMW (m3 series), if that gives you any further info to get an idea of what is wrong with my car.
    kind regards,

  2. Ryan says:

    Hi there, I think my engine has been heating up because the radiator fins are very bent and preventing the entrance of air, am I correct? I started to straighten them out. It’s a long process but I think it should do.

    • admin says:

      It could be the problem but it also could be the thermostat sticking closed. You also need to make sure you have enough coolant.

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