Diagnosing CV Joint and Boot Failure

The CV joint, or constant velocity joint, allows your car’s wheels to bend and rotate in all kinds of directions. It is made possible with a well lubricated joint that is protected by a covering, or boot. Since nothing lasts forever you can expect that problems with your CV joint can easily manifest over time and if you don’t take action then you’ll be paying more money than you would like.

Every car that has front wheel drive has CV joints on both ends of the drive shafts. There are two inner joints that are connected to the transmission and two outer joints that are connected to the wheels.

They can last a very long time so long as they remain protected by the boot. The boot completely covers the CV joint keeping out all kinds of dirt, moisture, and other contaminants and when the boot starts to crack and break down is when you can expect problems.

When the boot is cracked the CV joint loses its lubrication due to the grease mixing together with the dirt and other outside junk. Many drivers complain of hearing a loud “clicking” sound when taking turns. If this is the case then we recommend you service your CV joint as soon as possible.

techtipTip: If upon inspection you notice no cracks or holes in the boot then do NOT attempt to remove it. The boots are designed to be airtight and if it is opened then the CV joint will definitely require servicing.


If the boot is cracked then it can cause other problems.

  • Hearing squeaking sounds at low speeds
  • Feeling a vibration at higher speeds
  • Hearing a clicking or clunking sound when turning or shifting from park to drive

A crack in the boot big enough can also cause grease to leak onto the brakes and this can cause safety issues.

The boot should be replaced immediately after inspecting the CV joint. Since CV joints are not reparable if the damage is bad enough it must also be replaced. Otherwise, simply repack it with grease and cover it with the boot.

Not all car problems are as cut and dry. Sometimes other faulty components can add to the confusion and if you are running out of options then bring your car into 2J’s Automotive.

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