Dealing with Leaking Differentials

Rear Differential

Rear Differential

Any kind of leak in your car is never a good sign. If you think the leak could be coming from the differential then getting it looked at as soon as possible is going to be your best option. Driving with a faulty or unchecked differential could lead to expensive services and repairs.

We’ve covered what the differential does for your car but as a reminder the differential serves three primary functions:

  • Direct the power from the engine to the wheels
  • Acting as a gear reduction, it slows the speed of the rotational speed of the transmission before it gets to the wheels
  • Transfers the proper amount of power to the wheels allowing them to rotate at different speeds when taking turns

If a component that serves these functions starts to leak, you can imagine the kind of damage can be done to your car. The fact is leakage is going to happen to every vehicle, the important step is identifying the location of the leak.

Front and rear differentials are located on the axles on the underside of the car so you’re going to have to get down under it to check for leaks. If possible, raise the car so you can comfortably get under there and have a better look.

Once the front (or rear) differential has been identified, check it for leaking oil. Inspect the fill and drain bolts to see if the leak is caused by a loosening of one the bolts.

Replacing fluid requires you to open the drain bolt and let all of the liquid be drained out into an oil pan. Once completely drained, fix the drain bolt back on and remove the fill bolt so you can add replacement fluid until it reaches its proper level. Place the fill bolt back on, lower the car, and give it a test run. If everything has been checked and done properly you should experience much smoother turning.

Checking your fluid levels and getting routine checkups can prevent this problem as well as expensive repairs. Bring your car in to 2J’s Automotive where our mechanics can get everything taken care of for you. We can also take of your differential situation if you find it to be too problematic.

Call us at 817-232-9866 if you have any questions about your differential or would like to come in for a checkup.

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