CV Joints: What to Know

Constant Velocity (CV) joints are used on both end of the front-wheel drive shafts. It acts as a flexible coupling that allows the outer wheels to steer in turns and lets the shaft follow the up and down motions of the suspension.

There are different CV joints you can get for your vehicle. Some outboard CV joints give the car a wider turning angle when the wheels are steered and some inboard joints give the car a narrower angle and the types of CV joints you have usually depends on the make and model of your vehicle and what kind of driving expectations you have.

If you think your CV joint isn’t performing as well as it should be there are some important things to remember. In almost all front-wheel drive (FWD) shafts the outer joint will wear out much sooner than the inner joint. Driving and taking turns at faster speeds demands more from the joint as the angle gets wider. Oftentimes the inner joint will remain is usable condition and can safely be reused over time.

The lubrication used in CV joints needs to be a special high temperature type of grease.

Tip: Regular chassis grease or multipurpose grease should NEVER be used in a CV joint.

The amount and quality of the grease will help you determine how long you can expect your CV joint to last. One of the main purposes of the boot is to help CV joints last longer by blocking out dirt, water and anything else that can get mixed in with the grease.

The first things you should always check are the boots around every CV joint. Inspect for cracks, tears and other weathering around the boot and replace accordingly. Failed CV joints can be replaced with new or remanufactured joints.

The process can sometimes be difficult depending on the make and model so if you don’t feel comfortable servicing it yourself then bring it in to 2J’s Automotive. The mechanics can inspect your vehicle, give it a free diagnostic test, and administer the proper services and repairs.

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