Does Your CV Joint Need to be Serviced?

Constant velocity joints, or CV  joints can be found in several vehicles out on the road these days. Although several makes and models are going back to the rear-wheel drive on some of their newer cars a lot of the vehicles out there have front-wheel drive and every one of those cars has four CV joints.

The CV joints allow a drive shaft to transfer power through an angle and at a constant speed without the need for an increase in friction or play. You can find some larger vehicles such as trucks and vans that may have CV joints on the rear drive shaft but CV joints are going to be on most cars with front or all-wheel drive.

So what can go wrong with a CV joint and how can it affect your driving? One common problem that can come up is a damaged boot. Whether it becomes cracked, torn or split the problem usually leads to the same result which is a CV joint being drained of its main lubricant, grease.

When it’s exposed to the open air a lot of dirt and other contaminants can get inside and cause it to run dry a lot sooner than it should. Non-lubricated metal touching metal will quickly cause a lot of heat and friction to occur which will result in getting worn out over time.

How can you tell if this has already happened?

  • Visual inspection of the boot to check on its condition
  • Hearing speaking sounds at slower speeds
  • Experiencing vibrations driving at highway speeds
  • Noticing a clunking sound when you turn or put your car into gear

If you’re still having trouble identifying your CV joints and boots then bring your car in to 2J’s Automotive and let the mechanics take a look under the hood for you. They can give your car a free diagnostic test, valued at $80, to help identify the true nature of the problem so they know exactly what services and repairs are required.

Send us an email if you have any questions regarding your vehicle or come visit us for expert automotive care.

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