Common Manual Transmission Problems

transmission-rebuild2Manual transmissions are generally going to have fewer problems compared to automatic transmissions. People like to drive a manual transmission because it’s more durable and because it gives you the full on driving experience.

Although the manual transmission is very durable it has its problems like any other machine. In fact, many of the problems that come up in manual transmissions can be traced to a worn out clutch or an inexperienced or aggressive driver.

Clutch and transmission repair require an expert level of knowledge, but even if you’re not a professional mechanic you can do some looking around and diagnose the problem. This way you’re fully aware of the problem and what kind of service and repair to ask for when you take it to an auto shop.

A worn out clutch can lead to other problems like transmission slippage and hard shifting.

Slippage can be caused by a transmission leak, worn out parts, or a bad torque converter. Hard shifting is arguably the most common problem with standard transmissions and it is what you are likely experiencing.

Hard shifting could be the cause of a worn clutch but other areas should be inspected as well.

  • Bearings – once these become worn down they will begin to offer resistance which leads to hard shifting.
  • Binding – a binding shift linkage or level can leave you with either no shifting or hard shifting. If a shift fork or rail is bent it can result in no shifting of gears.
  • Synchronizer assembly – The synchronizers grooves and splines start to get notched on the main shaft that can result in shifting difficulties. Check the area between the blocking ring and the gear for wear and tear.

Identifying the problem early can save you a lot more money in the end. If you’re still coming short on answers then bring your vehicle in to 2J’s Automotive in Fort Worth. Our certified technicians are the transmission experts you can rely on.

We work on all makes and models both foreign and domestic so we will be able to give you the service and repair that you need.

Schedule an appointment with one of our specialists by calling 817-232-9866 or you can simply visit our auto shop and let us take it from there.

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