What the Check Engine Light Could Mean for You

We’ve all seen it before and at some point we’ve all ignored it before. The little glowing symbol in the dash that lets you know something may be wrong with your car. The ‘Check Engine’ light is there to remind you to get your car looked at before some kind of problem becomes much worse.

The ‘Check Engine’ light often causes frustration for a lot of drivers because of how little information it gives. The light seems to appear out of nowhere without any warning and doesn’t give any information on what the problem could be. The fact is you can diagnose it yourself without too much difficulty if you don’t feel like taking to the mechanic just yet.

2J’s Automotive even offers a FREE diagnostic test ($80 value) if your ‘Check Engine’ light is on!

As long as smoke isn’t coming from the hood or your vehicle isn’t stalling you don’t need to take it to the auto shop right away. You have some time to plan and schedule your visit but it’s a bad idea if you decide to wait too long.

What causes a ‘Check Engine’ light to come on:

  • Failing oxygen sensors
  • Loose gas cap
  • Bad spark plugs and wires
  • Catalytic converter needs replacing

There are plenty other problems that can cause the ‘Check Engine’ light to come on but these are some of the most common.

If the problem seems too complicated or you feel more confident having a professional mechanic service it for you then bring your vehicle to 2J’s Automotive. Our certified technicians work on all makes and models and have seen just about everything there is to see under the hood.

We will get your car fixed up in no time so you no longer have to worry about that pesky light coming on in your dashboard. Call us at 817-232-9866 if you have any questions.

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