Check Your Car’s Coolant Levels Regularly

Your vehicle requires a number of different liquids in order to properly function. The engine coolant is among them and is very important in making sure your engine does not overheat. Once your engine starts to overheat it will affect the vehicles performance and services and repairs will soon be in order.

Sure you could technically use water as an engine coolant, but it won’t last near as long and over time it can cause corrosion inside engine parts. The car coolant solves both of these problems and protects your engines essential functions.

There are a number of different components that go into making a coolant system run properly. Hoses, pumps, fans, the radiator and transmission cooling lines all play an important part in making sure your engine does not overheat. If one of these components fails then it could lead to a chain reaction and you’re going to want to have your car looked at as soon as possible.

Most of the time the solution can be as simple as checking your coolant levels and making sure they are where they should be. However if you’re noticing a leak then the service or repair will be more in-depth.

Tip: If you’re noticing a leak in the front side passenger floor then the leak is coming from the heater core.

If it’s not the heater core it could still be leaking from a number of different places. Follow these steps to help narrow down the possible areas.

  1. Check the water pump
  2. Check for leaks in the radiator
  3. Inspect all coolant hoses

This should give you an idea of where the problem is coming from and what services need to be done in order to fix the problem.

If the problem persists then bring your car in to 2J’s Automotive and let the expert mechanics take a look at your car for you. They can give your car the proper services and repairs it needs to make sure your engine does not overheat and you end up stranded.

Give us a call at 817-232-9866 and schedule an appointment.

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