What Could Be Causing Your Car Engine Problems?

Any mechanic will tell you that your engine is the heart of your vehicle and its inner workings are just as complicated as a heart if not more. That is why diagnosing your car engine problems should usually be done by an experienced mechanic but if you want to do it yourself then there are some important things you should know about your engine.

Once you’ve diagnosed the problem it isn’t recommended to troubleshoot the problem yourself since the process can be very involved and each make and model can often require different procedures. Not only that but most new makes and models have complex computers that require specialized tools to operate and repair.

Car engine problems can mean a number of different things so it’s very helpful to pinpoint what the problem is and where it is coming from. Below is a brief list of what could be happening to your automobile.

  • Engine misfire
  • Car vibrates when sitting idle
  • Engine makes unusual noises like squealing, squeaking, grinding or ticking
  • Engine stalls or loses power when accelerating or reaching top speeds
  • Backfires upon ignition
  • White smoke emitting from exhaust
  • Difficult going uphill

These are some of the more common problems that could be happening to your car and each require a specific repair, but there are a number of different problems that could also require a different service or repair.

If one or more of these things is happening then the first thing you should notice is your ‘Check Engine’ light or ‘Maintenance Required’ light should be on. Most of the time the problem isn’t going to be too severe so you should have some time to schedule an appointment at 2J’s Automotive.

Warning: If your ‘Check Engine’ or ‘Maintenance Required’ light is blinking instead then your vehicle requires immediate attention and it is highly recommended to bring it to an auto shop as soon as possible.

The experts at 2J’s Automotive have extensive experience in servicing and repairing car engine problems along with transmission rebuilds and complete brake service. Summer is right around the corner so don’t wait too late.

Give us a call at 817-232-9866 if you think your engine is acting up or if you have any questions in general and we will be more than happy to help.

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